It's a fuggin' New Year's miracle: I put up a new comic. My first one in three years. Oops. And it's not even a polished one, but whatever. HAPPY NEW YEAR, GUYS!!!

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So I don't update this thing enough....yeah...sorry about that.


My friend Kat made me a Poofy cake for my birthday! CHECK IT:

He's done!

More photos here.

And before that my friends Lee Anne and Kimberly made a Poofy pancake! CHECK IT SOME MORE:


More photos heeeere.

Poofy highly approves of cake and pancakes shaped in his likeness.

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I'm switching servers, so things may be a bit iffy around here.


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It only took me more than a year to write another comic? YES! CLIQUEZ ICI!

...Uh, why am I spurting French? I'm going to France today to study abroad for a semester. I figured I should write a comic before i leave, even though you wouldn't have noticed that I was gone anyway. And I don't blame ye...IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN A YEAR SINCE MY LAST COMIC. I actually have a 5-part story line to do, but I only did part one. Nothing elaborate. Naturally, I'm not going to finish it until I come back. (sigh)

So...enjoy the new one. It's. Stupid.


Pete made his poofy a Pete mask...and vice versa. Awesome!

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...Uh, did I used to write a comic or something? Yeah. Oops. The last one i wrote was almost a year ago. I'll agree that I've taken laziness to a whole new level. It's not like I can make up the excuse that in the past year I've been fighting off demons or finding a cure for [insert name of horrible incurable disease]. I'm just. Bein'. Non-creative.

But maybe I can whip up something before a year actually passes since my last comic.

Thanks for leaving comments despite that I don't do anything anymore. It means something to me! Yeah! As long as you're part of the 5% who doesn't spam me.

Two years ago I made a Poofy book for the first 50 comics (god knows when the second one will come out). I still have a crapload of em in my basement. As you can see, I'm not trying very hard to sell these babies, but if you want one then just email me ( However, if you'd rather not have any contact with me lest my insanity rubs off on you in a virtual way, you can buy a blank-covered copy from People rarely want blank ones, so I don't know why YOU would either. ...But the option is there. If you're weird. I'd rather you buy it directly from me so I have less to pack up when I move out of my house.

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If you ordered a Poofy pancake tshirt from me a gazillion years ago and haven't heard from me, then...well, I did email you; maybe something is wrong with your email client. Contact me (roboppy at ASAP so I can do something about this stack of t-shirts in my room (like make it smaller).

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It is official.

You must all strive to be as cool as this girl:

poofy shirt!

Also, here are some things I drew in Norway:

poofy doodle


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Ariel and Nick made a Poofy cake!

AWWWW, thanks guys!

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If anyone is still itchin' for a poofy pancake shirt, I extended the preorder until May 10th. Cos I figured...yeah, I need more orders.


This shirt may induce happiness in yourself and others. Don't believe me? LOOK, SHE'S HAPPY! Yeaaah.

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Since people have been asking me about the poofy pancake t-shirts, I've having another round of pre-orders. Go forth and order! You have until April 9th, so hopefully that's enough time for you to make up your mind. :)

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Guess what? GUESS!?!!!?!


buuh colors

PANCAKE T-SHIRT PRE-ORDER! It'll be there until next Saturday, the 25th. After that, you'll just get to pick from whatever's leftover, which would suck. (I'll make some extras in one or two colors.)

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buuh colors

Just want to let you know that another Poofy t-shirt is in the works. Clicking on the photo will take you to flickr where you can tell me WHAT COLORS YOU LOVE OH SO VERY MUCH. I'd appreciate the feedback. :)

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That's my contribution to this week's Illustration Friday. The topic was...Flavor. And that's the drawing I came up with. GREAT.

I hope you all have a happy New Year! I'm going to make Poofies, believe it or not.

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I'm just going to humor myself...

I guess this is too late for the holidays, but how many people out there actually want Poofy related merchandise? When I had the shop up, hardly anyone bought anything. I'll spare you the sad statistics. :) However, I do have Poofies, buttons, and books leftover, so they're on display in my flickr account (except for the books, which are just...IN MY CLOSET). If you want something, leave a comment for me on the thing you want.

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special poofy message

Sorry for my lack of updates. Unfortunately, it's not going to get any better, as this message is just to inform you that I'm aware of my lack of updates and acknowledge my suckiness. And sorry about the store being non-operational; I actually have a box of Poofies and whatnot by my closet, but I keep forgetting to actually make a website for them! Eeeh! If you want a Poofy, you're best off emailing me. If you want a comic, you're best off taking my computer away so I don't procrastinate so much (although not having a computer would make it hard to update my website).

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Lee Anne is awesome and drew CIRCUS-A-FIED POOFIES, hot damn!

Kory is also awesome and took a bunch of photos of her new Poofy, kicking back, riding a wagon, oh yeaaaah!

The Poofy Shop is still pooped. I just started school and from the looks of it, I won't be doing much Poofy stuff. But maybe I can do some comics...just not punch out the poofies at super-slow speeds. Of doom. Crap.

Poofy's still alive and well though. Kinda. I hung a bunch of Poofies on my wall to make it prettier. Yay!

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For your enjoyment, I bring you POOFIES:

big poofies and little excited poofy

rainbow-esque soft poofies

I'm sorry that my store is kinda non-existent, but I need to redo it. Gonna take town the complicated shop thinger and make up something simple. But. I'm lazy. And. School is starting soon. And. To tell you the truth, almost no one buys anything from me. But if any of you want one of the poofies I just made, you should let me know. ;)

Per Drew's request, I changed the "flavor of the day" (more like "flavor of the decade"). Sorry for the lack of updates!

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Amazingly, there are two new comics. More amazingly, they're not food related. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

...anyway, thanks for visiting this site, even though I update less than never (it's impossible, but I can do it because I harness the power of impossible negative never-ness). Thank you to the people who left comments on my comics in the past few days and thanks for the surge of visits lately.

You're all probably insane, but I like my readers that way. If you're really insane, you'll appreciate the latest comics in which insane things happen. OH BOY!

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Just updating to say...I WILL UPDATE MORE SOONISH, maybe. Before the month is over.

I'm going to redo the shop, because it sucks and doesn't have much in it at the moment. I found a few Poofy t-shirts that had been ordered but never claimed, so maybe two people will be Poofy-shirt-fulfilled. Also have some new Poofy plush dudes/creatures that want to be adopted, because they'd rather live anywhere else besides NJ (although if you live in NJ, they'll love you).

New fan art in the gallery from Allen! KEEP EM COOMIIIINN'!

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Spot the Poofy!

plushies on the wall

More fanart! Here's another one by Taylor:

And some doodles by Heather:

I know I should write more comics. And. I will. I think. Someday. Before the summer ends.

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